How To Learn React Quickly

Aman TiwariSep 20 . 3 min read

Learning web development always takes time and people often ask/search, how easy is React to learn. I’m here to give you tips on the fastest way to learn React. 

1. Learn the basics of javaScript.

You don’t need to become a pro-level javaScript developer to learn React, I’ll tell you how easy is React to learn

 Start learning these JS concepts: 

  • Functions (ES6 syntax)
  • Variable ( const, let & var)
  • Loops
  • Understand how DOM manipulation works
  • Array and Object
  • Data types

Spend ample time in learning the basics of javascript language once you get familiar with language syntax then you’re ready to learn react js quickly.

You can learn all these basics of JavaScript in a week. Play with array/object manipulation. 

2. Launch your first app with create-react-app

You don’t need to start from scratch, you can start with create-react-app which set up the initial code for you to get started. Create-react-app is configured with Babel and Webpack, You will be amazed by how easy is React to learn.

3. Style your component using CSS 

There are generally two ways you can write CSS in your react app

  • Global CSS - you can style your component by writing CSS in a separate file (.css file extension).
  • CSS in JS - This is the recommended way to style your component, this is called scoped CSS. 

4. Do not learn any state management library if you just started learning react.

People often do this mistake. They started learning Redux, flux, and other state management things before they completely understand how React works. State management things are required for large applications so you can ignore these until you get some experienced in React. Learn react js quickly then you can start the redux part. But ensure you get some hands-on experience in react.

5. Learn Props/State in React

The state refers to the data of the component which is scoped to a file only. And when you pass data from a parent to child it is called Props.

In React, data is always unidirectional and it can only pass from parent to child.

6. Learn React life cycle

If you understand the life cycle methods properly then it is the fastest way to learn React js.

You need to understand the following concepts:

When a component state changes, it re-render the component

When a component re-render it also re-render its children’s. 

Learn life cycle by using hooks. Class-based component is getting unpopular these days.

7. Do not learn too many frameworks at once. 

  I know you have a thirst to learn so many things but hold on, you don’t need to learn and master everything to become a great developer, spend plenty of time learning React first. Grasp the concept and build some cool projects in React before you jump on other frameworks.

8. Focus on the functional based component

  You can create react component in two ways using a function component and class-based component. Before hooks, the class-based components were the only option left for state full components. After hooks, nowadays functional-based components is prefers because it reduces the amount of code and it is less complex.

9. Learn hooks useState/useEffect

Using useState and useEffect you can manage your component state and its lifecycle. 

Follow these 9 tips on how to learn react quickly.

Happy Coding !!!

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